Technik, Inc.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Center Information Technology and Communications Services (IT) Directorate is responsible for the overall management and direction of design/engineering, development, integration, and operations of information technology and communications systems and services for KSC institutional and NASA program customers. The Directorate coordinates and manages Center-Wide IT policy development, architecture, and security, and ensures compliance with Agency policies and directives. The Directorate is subdivided into or Divisions, each of which are responsible for distinct services.

Technik staff provides the following support the following directorates:

  • Technical Integration (TIO) supports technical integration and strategic planning across the Directorate and its products and services. Support activities include:
    -  Establishment of standard tools used within the Directorate
    -  Enterprise architecture
    -  Relationship management in support of strategic planning, requirements definition, and data calls
  • Business Office provides management integration, budget development, planning, analysis integration and reporting.  Support activities include:
    -  Business processes, documentation, purchase requests,
    -  Budget development functions including planning, integration, analysis, and reporting
    -  Coordination of audits and Voluntary Protection Program activities
    -  Administration of Directorate workflow process and team charters
    -  Oversight of the development and execution of the IT and communication services
    -  IT investment development, IT procurement quality assurance, software release authority Section 508 compliance assurance, electronic information accessibility and IT asset management
  • IT Security Office is responsible for IT security planning, policy development and implementation, architecture, governance, and audit support. Support activities include:
    -  IT security planning, policy development and implementation, architecture, governance and audit support
    -  Ensuring Federal information Security Management Act compliance, including center-wide IT security reviews, assessments, and vulnerability scans, Internet content monitoring, IT security incident response and investigations, intrusion detection services, operation system configuration management, IT security technical expertise
  • IT Project Management Office (PMO) provides project management of all IT projects that are of high visibility, high risk, or above certain monetary thresholds in accordance with the direction of the IT Project Management Board (PMB). Support activities include:
    -  Systems engineering expertise regarding IT Directorate projects
    -  Monthly reporting
  • Application Services Division is responsible for providing expertise, leadership, and guidance in the design, development, and sustaining engineering for the entire life cycle (Concept Studies to Decommissioning) of new and existing applications, process and supporting data center services.  Support activities for the three branches (Computational Sciences Branch, Application Engineering and Operations Branch, and the Data Center Services Branch) include:
    -  Research, development, activation, operation/sustainment, and the management of Application Services products, tools methods and systems to meet present and future programmatic and institution requirements.
    -  Cloud computing initiatives
    -  IT security
    -  Technical direction, insight, and surveillance/evaluation
    -  Computational Sciences Branch support includes design visualization and discrete even simulation implementation and the application of telescience capabilities
    -  Application Engineering and Operations Branch support Management and development of applications, web services and webcasting
    -  Data Center Services Branch support includes providing and managing a centralized data center, integrating data center operations, coordinating local consolidation activities, and providing a standard set of high-quality/cost effective data center
  • Communications Infrastructure Services Division is primarily responsible for providing leadership, design, development, sustaining engineering, and guidance for the planning, acquisition, implementation, operations, maintenance, and/or use of new and existing communications infrastructure systems.  Support activities include:
    -  Institutional and mission communications, including cable plan management, transmission systems, data networks, voice systems, multimedia studio systems, and visual imagery systems.
    -  Advanced IT systems services and methods to meet specific customer needs
  • End User Services (EUS) is primarily responsible for delivering IT products (desktop, laptop, and workstation computers, multifunction devices, cellular telephones, pagers, etc.), and services (graphics, micro-graphics, library, forms, printing/reproduction, and engineering documentation) to the KSC-user community.  Support activities include:
    -  Guidance for the planning, acquisition, implementation, operations, maintenance and/or use of new and existing operational IT systems, applications, services, and processes.
    -  IT service administration in alignment with IT policies, processes, and procures as required by the NASA community